Mentor Today, Impact Tomorrow

About Trey Mentors

Trey Mentors provide guidance and support as Trey Athletes prepare for the demands of playing their sport at the next level. Trey Mentors are selected through a competitive application process, and thoroughly trained to make a positive and impactful difference in the lives of Trey Athletes. From conversations concerning the pressures of being an elite athlete, to discussions on life after sport, Trey Mentors are there for Trey Athletes every step of the way.

Trey Mentor Community Events

Trey Mentor community events connect high school athletes and their families with former college and professional athletes. As elite athletes now successful in life beyond sport, our mentors serve as positive and realistic role models who impart the benefit of hindsight.

Why Mentor?

Trey Mentors grow in countless ways through their work with our Trey Athletes. Most importantly, Trey Mentors have a positive impact on youth while continuing to develop their leadership skills. Join our professional network of high-achieving former college athletes – the first of its kind!


Trey Athletes lives as you guide them towards success.


valuable leadership skills by being a teacher and role model.


with high-achieving former collegiate athletes like yourself.

Co-Founder Rebecca Feickert with program participants

Trey Mentor Requirements

1. Character – Must be a positive role model who wants to give back.

2. Athletic Experience – Must have experience as a collegiate or professional athlete.

3. Academic Excellence – Must have a college degree.

Don’t meet all these requirements? We have other ways for you to get involved! Fill out a volunteer application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities will Trey Mentors and Trey Athletes do together?
A Trey Mentor is a supportive adult who has the life experiences and knowledge to help Trey Athletes realize their leadership potential. Each Trey Mentor receives content to review with his or her Trey Athletes as well as a list of suggestions for activities to do together.

How do Trey Athletes become a part of the program?
Trey Athletes are nominated or apply to be part of our program. Each Trey Athlete is a high-potential competitor intent on becoming a lifelong leader through sport as well as a young, developing high schooler who is excited about working with Trey Mentors to help him or her along the way.

What is the cost to be a Trey Mentor?
Zero! There is no charge for Trey Athletes or Trey Mentors to be part of our program. We invite Trey Mentors to help cover part or all of the cost of their background checks, as this allows us to focus our donations on helping more Trey Athletes.

Are you ready to become an inspirational role model and supportive presence in the lives of Trey Athletes?