Our signature workshop series provides Trey Athletes the opportunity to team-build with high-potential peers, develop leadership skills, and prepare for college.

About Trey Academy

Twice a month, Trey Athletes meet with their cohort to complete interactive 1.5 hour workshops. Through structured modules, tailored guidance, and leadership development, Trey Athletes will be better prepared to serve as leaders both in sport and in life.

Athlete Evolution

Across three distinct phases of growth, Trey fully equips its athletes to maximize their potential.


Knowledge is power. By providing sport-specific information as well as a safe space to discuss the pressures of college decision-making, Trey enables its athletes to successfully navigate the college selection process.


Trey empowers its athletes to succeed both on the field and in the college classroom. Through discussions dedicated to personal identity, time management, and mental health, Trey Athletes matriculate to college with a toolkit tailor-made for college success.


The inevitable progression from athlete to post-athlete life can feel abrupt. Whether it hits you after high school, after college, or after a Hall of Fame professional career, Trey encourages early preparation for that eventual transition. By identifying transferable traits, exploring college majors and careers, and promoting post-sport mental and physical fitness, Trey prepares its athletes to thrive as leaders and role models in life after sport.


After years of research, which was informed by our pilot program in the South Side of
Chicago, the Trey Academy curriculum is the culmination of our commitment to student-
athlete excellence. Following a successful launch in 2018-19, Trey will commence Year Two
in DFW with some of the top athletes in the state of Texas. Below is a high-level summary
of our three-part program.