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Our Mission

Trey is a youth sports nonprofit on a mission: We empower athletes to be leaders, role models, and influential voices for their communities.

The Three Pillars of Trey’s Programming

Trey Academy
Our signature workshop series provides Trey Athletes with leadership development, college and career preparation, community and family engagement, and peer-to- peer learning with other high-potential athletes.

Trey Mentors
Via our workshops and community events, Trey Athletes receive mentorship from former college and pro athletes. Our mentors have firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities unique to elite competition, and they have successfully transitioned sport-specific skills into their post-sport careers and lives.

Trey Report
In order to guide their college research, college decision, and college preparation process, Trey Athletes are granted access to our exclusive database of information on college teams.

Our Story

A Letter from Trey Athletes’ Co-Founder, Rebecca Feickert
I was born and raised in Goodrich, North Dakota, a tiny farming town of less than 100 people. Including me, there were two of us in my high school graduating class. And from early on, I was obsessed with basketball. Little did I know, the game would miraculously change my life…twice.

I leveraged a homemade highlight film into a full basketball scholarship at the University of Kansas. There, I earned a BS and MS in Accounting as a first generation college student. After graduation, I obtained my CPA license and gained six years of experience in New York, Switzerland, and Bolivia working in public accounting, private equity, and sport-for-development for EY, Partners Group, and A Ganar, respectively.

In 2014, I was shocked to realize that many of my athlete peers were struggling emotionally and financially in life after sport. Determined to help other athletes avoid the same fate, I packed up and moved to Boston to attend Harvard Business School. While earning my MBA, I was blessed with an ever-growing number of team members obsessed with understanding and solving the problem of competitive athletes failing to realize their potential. After over two years of research and solution-testing, our efforts culminated in the 2018 launch of Trey Athletes, a nonprofit leadership development and college preparation program for top high school athletes.

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Interested in becoming a Trey Athlete or Trey Mentor?
Email us at: info@treyathletes.org