About Trey Athletes

Trey is a youth sports nonprofit on a mission: We empower high school athletes to be leaders, role models, and influential voices for their communities.

The problem: Many high school athletes never realize their full potential off the court or field. Top athletes transitioning from high school to college are among the most high-potential, highly visible, and highly diverse youth in the country; they are also highly vulnerable. Although 52% of Division I football players and 75% of Division I basketball players believe they will go pro, only 2% of college athletes will compete professionally. These athletes then often struggle in their lives and careers; and we as a society miss out on the value this group of leaders could bring to the world.

The solution: By providing a new set of tools for high school athletes, Trey empowers diverse young leaders and role models, gives a voice to under-represented communities, and improves the culture of amateur sports.

Sports is the great unifier, and athletes today have more influence than ever before. By investing in a group of self-identified leaders, who are individually vulnerable but collectively powerful, Trey is developing the talented young athletes of today to be tomorrow’s changemakers. When Trey Athletes realize their full potential far beyond the field or court, only then will we realize the true power of sports.

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Trey Athletes is excited to announce our no-cost SZN 3 virtual programming series! Through partnerships with high school and club team coaches, athletes and families will have access to virtual events with amazing speakers and leaders, a similar format to our SZN 2 Fireside Chats with Dirk Nowitzki and Jalen Brunson. After each Fireside Chat, our partner coaches will lead in-depth debrief sessions with their teams using Trey materials. We welcome any coach (in any sport) to sign up.

Who Is a Trey Athlete?

Academic Achievement

Trey Athletes excel in the classroom and are exemplary students who seek to make the most of their academic opportunities.

Athletic Talent

Trey Athletes possess the athleticism, fundamental skills, and/or potential to compete at a high level.

Leadership Ability

Trey Athletes are leaders and role models as students, athletes, and members of their communities; applicants are eager to continue building transferable leadership skills through sport.